Teaching my 8th grade Algebra students the quadratics unit has been awesome since I created this project themed after Angry Birds.  Each student is assigned a bird (total of 4 birds).  Each bird comes with its own data.  One bird comes with a table, the other with coordinate points, the next with a graph and the last one with a quadratic equation.  With the information given, students have to determine which bird flew the highest (vertex) and the traveled the longest distance (roots).  I threw some Pigs in the mix so they also have to determine which Birds hit the pigs.  I created 5 versions of the project so that not all of my students are presenting the same information.  Student are encouraged to present their findings with play.  They are welcomed to use a theme that they like to add on to their Angry Birds project.  Say for example your students are into “Walking Dead” they can created their poster after the show and dress the Red Bird with a deputy hat and badge to play “Rick” and maybe have the Pigs be zombies.  This allows your students to have a little freedom on their poster to get creative and make their posters stand out from the rest of the class.

Download the Angry Birds project below.  There are 5 versions available.

Angry Birds v1

Angry Birds v2

Angry Birds v3

Angry Birds v4

Angry Birds v5